Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some random thoughts.

I'm wondering about the whole debate about putting the transition to digital television on hold.
I mean, haven’t the networks, stations and government been talking about this for three years or so now? Haven’t they droned on about old sets not working with over the air signals without a converter box during every other commercial break on most every channel (even cable and satellite- which are unaffected) since?
If you're so slack that you haven't bothered to get a digital converter for your Philco, then you deserve to miss Springer...

I'm not a fan of politics or politicians. And having the government put their two cents in on private business would normally cause a knot in my stomach. That said- the news that President Obama wants to mandate institutions receiving bailout money limit executive pay is a freaking brilliant idea.
Of course, I'd go one step further and offer we should all get a say in how much these asshats get paid. After all, it's our money the government is giving them...

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