Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dear Best Buy...

I was in the Best Buy store on Pleasant Hill earlier today (01/24/10) and was fully prepared to buy a new laptop with a price tag of $799.
The salesperson helping me was very pleasant, and tried very hard. Of course, as seems to be typical of Best Buy, the store didn't have the laptop in stock. I was told the Snellville, GA store had one and I could pay for it there, then it would be brought to the Pleasant Hill store. When I asked the young man how long that would take, he consulted with another salesperson, whose response was "We ain't do that. He got to pay for it here and go get it."
Now, I realize that my measly $799 (plus tax) purchase was by no means going to be the largest purchase at the Pleasant Hill store on that day, but I think it's highly suspect that one of your employees could say with a straight face that I could pay in one store, and then drive 15 miles to another store to pick up my merchandise.
In fact, if a customer is purchasing an item costing more than, say, $150- it would seem to me the employees would be eager to "go the extra mile" and courier the item in question to a store where it's actually convenient to the customer- if not to the customer's home. And particularly in what's still a down economy.
One thing the incident confirmed is my belief that (aside from a scattered few salespersons like the first one I spoke to) your company's purported "customer service" is some of the absolute worst in all of retail.
In closing, I look forward to purchasing my new laptop somewhere else, and wish you continued success in your efforts to alienate your customer base.

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