Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm going to shellac a turtle. That's not a euphemism.

When John came to visit for Thanksgiving, he came bearing gifts- includign some fancy loaves of bread that he picked up on his trip to San Francisco for Shelby. One of the fancy loaves is in the shape of a turtle. There was also a turkey and- um- I can’t remember.
John said he remembered that some of the fancy loaves from back when Shelby worked at Chandler’s Bakery were shellacked- and that maybe that would preserve the turtle loaf.
Being lazy, I figured I could take the thing to work and have them clear-coat it. Not so. One of my co-workers said the clear coat wouldn’t really do anything but soak in, and not really seal anything. Back to the drawing board.
I finally got around to putting a couple of coats on the thing Sunday. I’m not much better about getting my chores done than I am posting to my blog. Also, it takes a bit longer than the standard hour for a coat of shellac to dry when it’s in the 40’s in the garage (I am, at least, smart enough not to do it in the house). According to John, it’ll take 47 coats of shellac to properly seal the turtle.
At this rate, I’ll be done around February 1st…

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