Monday, January 3, 2011

Abridged Print Edition for 01/07/11

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas break.
Unlike Savannah- where drinking is pretty much what you do in your spare time (and particularly to take the edge off having spent Christmas morning with your family)- most bars in Norcross were closed on Christmas day. At least, the one where I work was- which was fine with me. I was a happy camper to have a weekend off (my third one this year? Good grief! What the heck is wrong with me?).
I’d also taken off work from Tuesday afternoon until last Monday to make a rapid fire trip to Savannah to see my mom, sister, nieces and nephews and friends who were able to make it to dinner (seriously, though, I told everyone- I even emphasized it in a separate e-mail- to bring cash so they wouldn’t have to split checks. I’m pretty sure it would’ve made the service better, at the very least)…

Did you get everything you wanted? I did. Actually, I didn’t. I didn’t really want for anything, but I got lots of neat stuff- including more toys. (Seriously, I have got to learn woodworking. We need shelves for all my nick nacks!)

Okay, one thing I wanted that I didn’t get was for the Falcons to beat the ever-loving bejeebers out of the Saints. That was the first freaking Monday night game I’ve watched in probably 15 years- and that was the best effort they could come up with?

You know what else is sad? A 7-9 team making the freaking playoffs. Kind of like a 6-6 team going to a bowl game. And losing (yes, I’m talking to you, Yellow Jackets and Bulldogs)…

Still, the NFC’s road to the Super Bowl runs through Atlanta- the first time they’ve had home field advantage through the playoffs since what? 1980? Remember what happened that time? That’s right- they lost in the first freaking game- to Dallas…

So, I stop Monday morning to get some breakfast at the greasy spoon around the corner from work. Eggs, bacon and a biscuit for $3.24. A good deal. I treat myself at least once a week (when I actually have cash). I didn’t have any dollar bills in my pocket, so I handed the girl at the counter a five, along with a quarter.
I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I tell you the girl stared at her hand for fully 30 seconds, trying to puzzle out what I’d just done.
Let me just say this- if you’re too simple for simple math (especially when the register will do the math for you), you shouldn’t be anywhere near a freaking cash register.
After 30 seconds, I had to tell her how much change to give me. It’s a good thing, too. Lord knows how long I’d have stood there if I hadn’t.
It’s a good thing for her I’m honest…

Make any resolutions? Me neither. I mean, I could, but I won’t. I have things I’d like to accomplish, but I don’t need to embellish them just because I’m writing a different date on checks now.
You know, I only write one check a month. Hmm. Weird. Everything else, I pay via online banking. The other check I’d write each month, Shelby takes care of. All hail the laziness of me!

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