Thursday, January 13, 2011

My own little winter wonderland.

I- for one- am over all the commentary/Facebook posts/whatever about everyone in Atlanta being unprepared/ill-equipped/incompetent/etc. when it comes to winter weather. I know, I should probably let it slide, but I feel like it needs to be said: Fuck them.
Example: One of the “demotivational” pictures of some people pushing a car through ice/snow, with a caption reading “Atlanta. Population: 4,717,397 - Snow plows: 10. You do the math.”
Stop. I’m dying here.
Atlanta (and southern cities in general) are an easy target, though. I wonder if the rapier like wit behind that little gem happened to notice the talk of NYC's shut down? How many fucking plows do they have in the Big Apple? Do we need to "do the math" on that one?
Just how many plows does this genius think this city of 4,717,397 (which, by the way, isn't accurate to start with) need, considering we average something like 2.5" snow a fucking year?
Let me again say: Fuck them.
Here in Atlanta, probably better than half the goddamned city population claims to not be "from here". How many of them, then, are from places where they “know how to drive in these conditions”? Or, does some magical "Unable to Cope Fairy" wave its little wand and cause them to lose their ice driving powers when they sign their lease/mortgage/whatever?
Well, there’s always chains- that’s the only thing that actually helps for driving on ice anyway. Wait. What? You say don't have chains for your tires any more? Why not? Because you live in Atlanta? And we average 2.5" snowfall a year? What the fuck is wrong with you? Shouldn't the remote fucking possibility that we'll get an ice storm make it worth the $250 and up they cost? Do the math, you asshole!
Look- people in Atlanta have a hard time operating their vehicles in the best of conditions, thanks to overcrowded, ill maintained roads and horrible drivers. (Seriously, S.O.P. in the metro area seems to be slam the gas pedal to the floor as long as possible, then stomp brake pedal at last possible instant. That, and tailgate as much as possible. But I know that- and take steps to prepare for it.) Toss in bad weather, and it really is best just to stay home- so I have zero sympathy for people whining about being “stuck” somewhere.
Unless they’re getting stuck wasn’t their own fault- like the people who are sitting at the Greyhound station in downtown Atlanta. I’m pretty sure none of them realized they were going to get stuck. I actually wonder what the hell’s wrong with the Greyhound people- routing buses through Atlanta during an ice storm?
That said, my response to the woman who was interviewed by one of the local TV stations, whining about “somebody should do something” because she was stuck at the bus station and didn’t have any food or money and wanted the government to bail her out is: Fuck you, too.
Since when is it the government's fucking problem that you were too stupid to bring money on your trip (even a bus trip) for food (or whatever)? And why do people seem to think it's my tax dollar’s fucking responsibility to give out food, shelter, etc. every fucking time some minor inconvenience pops up? And- trust me- this is a minor inconvenience. (Think it’s not? It was a year ago yesterday that most of Haiti was reduced to rubble by an earthquake. That’s a fucking emergency- the ice in the WalMart parking lot is not, you goddamned hillbilly.)
And I've been seeing story after story featuring people complaining they "have no food!" or the "roads are closed!" and "why isn't the government doing anything?" and on and on.
You know whose fucking problem your not having food is? Yours, you goddamned moron! And the government did do something- the National Weather Service has been warning people in Atlanta since last fucking week that there was a winter storm coming.
If you had your head shoved so far up your fucking ass that you couldn’t be bothered to stock up on food, water, beer, or whatever else you feel is a necessity how the fuck is it the government's problem/fault, and why the fuck do you think tax dollars should be wasted on rescuing/feeding/comforting your ignorant ass?
And who do you think runs those trucks that are out on the big three? The state government is still doing something, as are the city of Atlanta and most of the counties: They've been working steadily since Sunday night to try to get the roads clear.
The fact that it's was cloudy until Wednesday morning and all of 34 degrees at the warmest since the snow fell Sunday night (with a forecast high of 30 here in Norcross Thursday) means that most everything that does melt then refreezes- just for some extra fun. Let me guess, though- that’s somehow the government's fault, too- and George Bush was probably behind it (or- Barack Obama  if you’re of that slant.)
I’m thinking, if the people too stupid to heed a warning die off, there'd be a lot less pressure on government spending and such. Call me Swift- 'cause that's a modest proposal I can get behind.
But go ahead and joke. Go ahead and have your laughs at Atlanta’s (or whatever southern city suffers next) expense for being unprepared/ill-equipped/incompetent/whatever when it comes to winter weather. Just know I’m not interested.
My response? Fuck you.

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