Tuesday, January 5, 2010

So, when I got back to work on the 4th- after being gone since December 18th- I just had this feeling that something would be waiting to aggravate me.
So, what did I discover? Well, in the graphics room, the thermostat had evidently been set at 78 on one of the days that I was gone. To say it was toasty in there is a fucking understatement. (You know how much it sucks to sweat when it's in the goddamned 20s outside?)
Of course, I quickly forgot about the heat, because there was this smell.
In one trash can was what was left of some sort of pasta dish from the company's pot-luck lunch on Christmas Eve. And the spilled food- and soaked in grease (presumably from the same day) on one of my work benches. Out-fucking-standing. Cocksmokes.
I've decided that I shall begin compiling a list of things I've learned at work. Not necessarily at just this job- but at jobs I've had since I started working 26 years ago.
Maybe the list will be funny. Maybe informative. More than likely, it'll just be sad...

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