Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And maybe a peanut butter and banana sandwich...

While surfing Sunday, I noticed that the Elvis Presley FB page had asked "We want to know! What you think Elvis would have wanted for his 77th Birthday???"
I'm pretty sure the answer's "not to be dead…"

I don't smoke (anymore) and never could stand the smell in my clothes. I didn‘t smoke in the house, and (usually) had the car windows down. And I‘d always strip down and stuff my clothes into the hamper when I‘d get home from the bars.
But trying to stop people from doing so in their own, private vehicles? Well, that’s what Emory University in Decatur is doing. They made the entire campus a smoke-free zone, including any vehicles on campus- whether they’re university property or not.
I mean, are they talking about someone driving through the campus with the windows up, or are they concerned about someone on their way to a meeting on a spring day with all the windows down, chain smoking a pack of Pall Mall filterless? Like that even makes a difference? I mean, it is still their own, personal vehicle. 
Me, I see my vehicle as a sovereign entity- kind of like an embassy. It’s a huge incursion on individual rights, in my opinion…

I see where it was reported that the Kodak Company will be filing for Chapter 11 protection soon. 
I wish I could say I was surprised, but their focus on "commercial and consumer printers" was doomed by the fact that said items were crap.
Sure, they were capable of printing beautiful pictures- but they were horribly overpriced, prone to failure, and the proprietary peripherals were insanely expensive. And then, there was the whole "when you could get them work" thing- which was rare, ‘cause- again- they were pieces of shit.
All three of the sign shops I’ve worked in have had Kodak wide-format printers. In Savannah, the thing was constantly breaking down. Ditto the shop in Buckhead. And the one here hasn’t worked since before I started here (just in case you were wondering if it was my lack of ability).
The reason all of them were out of service? Usually, because the ink would dry up in the print heads or (worse) in the lines from the ink reservoir to the print heads. Like I said, pieces of shit.

Alabama won the supposed national championship Mondway night. Yippee. Here’s my yearly rant: There will be no such thing as a national champion at the I-A level until there’s a playoff. All you really have is a bunch of supporters of various teams, arguing about who’s better.
In fact, LSU still won 13 games- more than any other team (including Alabama) at that level. You could make a case that they should be the national champs. Kind of like when the Patriots went undefeated a few years back, they should have been NFL champs, right? Wait, that’s not right. Oh yeah- that’s because they actually HAVE playoffs.
So, what we get instead are FIVE one-loss teams who can make a case that they were the best team in the country- except Oklahoma State. (You guys lost to a 6-6 team- no fucking way you deserve a shot at the “title”.)

Okay, is the girl in the Education Connection commercial all kinds of peppy about being a dipshit with poor education stuck in a low-paying job, or is she keyed up since she‘s now enrolled at such a prestigious institute of higher learning? Oh wait, it never does actually say that last part...

Also, the ProForm Google Maps-powered exercise bike looks cool and all- but what kind of jackass needs to wear a helmet to ride an INDOOR bike?

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